Looking for delicious Christmas treats and gifts?

General Information

Allergies and dietary requirements

Our recipes do not contain nuts unless specifically stated. However, all our cakes are prepared in a kitchen where nuts are used, so unfortunately we cannot guarantee our products will not contain traces of nuts.

Number of servings

Where the number of servings is stated (for wedding and celebration cakes), we work this out based on the following portion sizes:

  • Fruit cake: 1 serving = 1” x 1”
  • Sponge cake: 1 serving = 1” x 2”

Please bear in mind that stacked and tiered cakes, which require dowelling for support may, as a result of the dowel holes, yield slightly fewer portions.

If you require any advice on how best to cut a particular cake, please just ask!

Product storage

Our cakes and goodies are best enjoyed as soon as possible after purchase while they are still deliciously fresh, but here is a general guide for correct storage and average shelf-life of our products:

Cakes and cupcakes

Best eaten straight away but should happily keep in an airtight container for 2-3 days.

Ideally to be kept at room temperature unless otherwise stated. You will be informed when you order if any of your chosen products require refrigeration.

DO NOT put any cake with fondant or sugarpaste topping/covering in the fridge; the humidity will cause the icing to sweat and most likely ruin the decoration.


Will keep for about a week in an airtight container (but we’d be very surprised if you manage to make them last that long!)

Fruit cakes

Uniced, wrapped and in an airtight container, traditional fruit cakes should last for up to two years. Iced cakes should still keep for several months.


Should be kept refrigerated and eaten within seven days of purchase.